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Night 7

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Good evening folks ...

...Ok so ... I woke up to very tight, dry, crusty brown skin round my mouth this morning where the peel had burnt my skin. Luckily I had done a little research yesterday and purchased some preparation H ointment (yes the hermmeroid stuff) which was fantastic for healing the burns. I mean literally this shit helped heal the itchy, raw, red skin overnight resulting in all the brown nasty dead skin flaking off this morning. Hallelujah !!!

The skin underneath is very tender and tight but looking alot less red and angry. As I am attending a wedding tomorrow I went to the tanning salon today and did 6 minutes on a flat bed. Its helped even out my skin tone a little so I dont look as red around the mouth. I'll probably have another tanning session tomorrow to give myself a little colour before the wedding.

However its not all sunshine and smiles. I have a small-ish cystic spot right on the side of my top lip that stings like a bitch. Eurgh. I made the stoopid mistake of picking it too so now the skin is weeping a little as I've ripped the surrounding skin where the peky zit is. It doesn't look to bad though. I'm sure a little concealor will help hide the little bugger.

Well as I went to the cinema today ... to watch world war Z if you're interested ... I haven't applied any of the preparation H or as much moisturiser as I'd like so as we speak I have an olive oil and honey mask on. I did my banana routine this morning but ran out of bananas for this evening and because I'm a douche I forgot to get some while I was out earlier so will have to purchase some tomorrow to start the routine again as I really enjoy it and I do believes it does help with healing existing spots. I could do with some banana skin right now for the cystic spot on my mouth. Bbbbooooo.

Anywhoo I'm off to take a bath ...

.... have a happy and acne free tomorrow.



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omg...why are you putting oil on your face?? Oil causes acne, excuse me but you really need to get a good dermatologist on your team and run these ideas by her before you do any of them. I know from experience that adding oil to your skin causes acne. I would also try to stick with cures/treatments that are designed for the face. That is my way of saying hemorrhoid cream on your face is a bad idea.

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amoxilworx ... thanks first and foremost for reading my blog. Its much appreciated. Alot of what you expressed in your comment above is personal opinion. Yes oil for some can cause acne breakouts. For me it helps soothe and moisturise my skin when applied as a mask alongside honey and or natural yoghurt. The hemmeroid cream was something I had to apply to my face not out of choice ... but out of concern from the burns as a result of the peel. It has actually been extremely helpful in helping to heal the burns. It has caused a few little white heads due to the greasy-ness of the product but nothing to scream and shout about. I'd rather have a few whiteheads thats are easily exfoliated off as opposed to chemically burned skin. Coconut oil is also very good for MY skin. It helps to replenish the moisture lost through dehydrating topical treatments. The same can also be said for aloe vera gel. All of the above including honey have antibacterial properties in them and can, for most people, help fight the baceria that causes acne. Everyone is different. Everyones skin doesn't necessarily get aggrevated by certain products that can cause irritation in others. Have a nice day.

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