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Feeling A Little Down..



Every morning is the same, I feel terrible for applying makeup and know that I should really let my skin breathe.

Why can't I look nice, hell.. even halfway normal, without caking makeup on?

I wish I could find a makeup that is guilt-free and doesn't make my face look like a mask of makeup. :\

Or find a miracle product that would even my skin tone out to the point where I don't need makeup. I've been contemplating getting a facial peel.. but I don't know which would work best for my sensitive skin and wouldn't leave me raw-faced for a week.

x x Stephanie


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try applying a bb cream under you foundation and concealer the bb cream will help remove scaring as you treat it helps reduce acne the garnier bb cream helped with my acne and use a setting spray instead of powder foundation and if you want more information on acne go have a look at my youtube channel (kaysbeautybox) i have a few videos up on acne and i will have 3 more up this week or at least by the 11 june 2013 my internet has been giving me problems so as soon as i sort it out the videos will be up

lots of love kay xxxx

hope this helps but i know how you feel its the most frustrating and depressing thing to have but it does go away xxxx

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Look up UltraPure Cosmetics! They say they have foundations that are perfect for acne-prone skin, I just received my starter kit

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Awww Kay that is so helpful, thank you so so much! I'm going to check out your vids now! :) I'm so wary of what I put on my face, I have an allergy to gluten (it is worse than it sounds, and I imagine it sounds infuriating) and have had ultra sensitive skin for about a year now.

And thanks Atticus!! Do they fight acne or just not aggravate it?

I have such wonderful skin days but then I pile on the makeup and ruin everything. I've heard mineral makeup is good.. bad.. who knows anymore with all the talk out there!

I just hate that my makeup "slides" off my face and looks worse throughout the day. I would prefer the makeup to disappear over the nasty swamp-looking creature I turn into. :\ And it always makes the area around my lips look funny.. I don't remember makeup doing that before.. anyone have any tips for that?? I apply Carmex before I even think about foundation. I'm not sure, I feel like more of a makeup noob than ten years ago when I started wearing the stuff!

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OMG the Ultra Pure Cosmetics have a line of soy and gluten free makeup! I hope this works.. but how do you pick a shade? I suck at that.

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