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Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)



Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)

Helloo! How are you?

It's almost 1 year since i've started this journey and i don't know how i feel. I am not clear yet, but i'm thinking about giving up. I mean i have 44-45 kg and i reached my max. dose ( min is 120mg/kg and max 150/kg, isn't it?). I'm pretty sure that it's not ok to take more than my organism can lead.

The next tuesday i'll go at my derm and we'll talk about this. A few weeks ago he said to me about BC pills. I've never taken these pills. He said that maybe these will help my face. don't know what to do.. to take or not to take?

now i have mostly scars and ~3 places where i feel some nodules that do not want to get out.

the redness kills me :'(

Right Cheek


Left Cheek



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Seriously, you should try my regimen: Amoxil/Keflex antibiotics, benzaclin topical and topical tretinoin. I had severe cystic acne and now I don't. Btw I also recently incorporated tea tree oil toner from The Body Shop. The benzaclin is a combination of 5% strength benzoyl peroxide and 1% strength clindamycin. The pharmacy fixes it for you fresh as soon as you pick it up. They mix in fresh clindamycin, the product expires after 3 months but if you get the 50gm size that lasts for 30 days and then you get a new one. Amoxil and Keflex prevent the bacteria causing your acne from reproducing. In that way it prevents breakouts. Tea tree oil is clinically proven to kill acne causing bacteria. I use the toner once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. I use tretinoin and benzaclin at night. Tretinoin works by unclogging pores and shedding dead skin cells. This keeps your pores clear of debris that bacteria could feed on. Lastly, I use Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap for gentle antibacterial cleansing.

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Hey, how are you? I was reading through your blog and when you mentioned birth control I thought I would let you know my situation with it. From your pictures it looks like you have little active spots and just red marks, mine take forever to fade these days and I feel like if I could stop new spots springing up then I could take some time to get rid of the marks they leave behind. Anyway back to birth control. I was on and off it for about ten years. For the last year and a half I have been off it and my skin was great at first and I swore off birth control for good. But at the end of last year my skin started acted up and I was in denial, convincing myself I could control it on my own. I just went on dianette (diane 35) birth control 3 weeks ago after trying almost everything else. I wish I had done it sooner, it is probably the next best thing to Accutane for controlling oil production and regulation sebum glands. It is a bit early to tell but I think I might be starting to see the difference (touch wood I don't want to jynx things). A lot of people don't like birth control especially dianette as it can have dangerous side effects. My thoughts on this are...well when my acne is really bad, I don't go out and have no life....I think it's about quality of life, almost all my friends are on the pill (every pill has side effects and think of the millions of women taking them) you just need to watch your blood pressure on dianette (you can get your own blood pressure machine they are pretty cheap...if you're that worried about it, and if it is ever unusually high then you can go back to your doctor). Some people wont take the pill and still suffer from some terrible illness, that's just life/fate. If clearing up your skin will make you happy and enjoy life then I say go for it, like I said I wish I had done it sooner and plan to take the birth control for as long as I can if it can help my skin. I hope this helps and puts your mind at rest about it, if you have tried everything else, like I did, I would say go for it! Good luck :) you're a really pretty girl with or without spots, but I know how sad it can make you.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


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