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What I Thouht



i thought that any junk food would give me acne, or if i drunk one soda i would break out the next day. so i wouldn't eat junk food or drink soda. i would just drink water and eat as healthy as i could. i would drink water like my life depended on it. i wouldn't drink anything else just water water water. but sadly that really didn't help at all. so i went on the internet and looked up "Ways to get rid of acne"

and then i saw toothpaste, and i thought strange but hey it might work. so i went out and bought Colgate toothpaste and used it every night for about a month, and that didn't work either. then went bake to the internet and found all these other ideas and tried every one of them and well they didn't work either. then i tried clean and clear and that just dried my skin out and made it worse. so i had to stop using that. and i was like omg why wont anything work it either makes my face break out even more or it does nothing for me just nothing. keep doing more and more web searches to were i just gave up. then i went to the doctor and i think i actually have something that may work........

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