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I Forgot About My Blog




I totally forgot I had started a blog. Something's have changed since then. I finally went to the dermatologist, he didn't ask too many questions and I didn't think he was very thorough, but hey he's the expert. He prescribed be differin 1% and to go back on the birth control, I thought this over a few days and I thought well If I never try, I'll never know.

I've read a lot of horror stories with differin (so please don't tell me anymore lol). But it's been just over a week, I know it's too early to discount the IB, so I wont but so far I've not had too much irritation at least, and have been using a pea sized amount every night. I actually find it quite soothing and seems to calm down my redness when I first apply it, I have had some flakes and redness the next day but nothing too major so I'll proceed with caution. Right now mu routine is: Wash with Clean and Clear very gentle soap free wash, wait 30 min, apply pea sized differ (at night only) and moisturise with Olay fluid spf 15 for oily/combo skin. I tend to not moisturise after differin at night unless I feel I need it, I know I need a stronger spf for the day time, but I work in doors most days and I am careful about being in the sun, plus I live in Scotland so it's not been too sunny, I am on the look out for a good moisturising spf 30 or higher if anyone has one??

I'm hoping this pretty simple regime can point me in the right direction and I am determined to stay on it for at least a couple of months or more to give it a chance. In other new, my mood has been pretty low. These boards help, so thanks all :)



Oh and I forgot, I started taking the birth control pill Dianette a week before the Differin. I'm hoping this helps with the oil control, it's supposed to, and from what I can remember it helped the last time I was on it, but it can take a few months so I know I need to be patient, but it feels good knowing that I am doing something, I came to the conclusion that doing nothing wasn't helping.

I have also been taking two spoonful's of cod liver oil every morning and a multi vitamin as well. I kinda get the point of the cod liver oil, the vitamin A and also D, I don't want to mega dose on either, but from what I've read, a little extra can't hurt, especially the vitamin D in the West of Scotland, honestly most folk that live here must be vitamin D deficient, it is sunny about ten days of the year lol. xx

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