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Night 6



Eurgh. I am a douchebag. I woke up this morning to be greeted with extremely dry, irritated and raw skin. I made the mistake of giving the lemon treatment a bash last night to try and lighten the acne scars around my mouth and I obviously didn't have my sensible head on because if I did I would have known this will irritate the chemical burns on either side of my mouth from overuse of the quinoderm.

A little concealor helped even out the redness during the day but I was in pain. My skin cracked every time I opened my mouth. Pleasant. So my day has been eventful. For all I knew my chemical peel today would also worsen the burns I still had the treatment. And the burning was so intense I genuinely thought my face was melting off. On the drive all the way home It felt like the sun was being rubbed across my face. Why do I do this to myself ??!!

Immediately when I got home I smoothed olive oil all over my face and the doused natural chilled yoghurt all over my burning skin. It was bliss. When the yoghurt dried I smoothed honey on to my face and continued to this for a few hours. I then washed the mixture off and continued with last nights banana routine.

My face is as red as a babboons backside let me tell ya. I've applied more olive oil and coconut oil after bathing. Oh and I have 2 small but very cystic spots brewing on my top lip and the left side of my face. Marvellous. I hope the bananas do what they're supposed to do and stop those pesky zits in their tracks. Fuckers.

So I'm sitting on the bed with a greased up face. Luckily I'm only at work for 2 hours tomorrow and off until next tuesday so I'm basically just going to sit in the house applying all natural products to my mug in the hopes they heal the chemical burns.

I hope you're day has been more pleasant than mine.

Have a happy and acne free tomorrow.