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Month Five



So...I have been on the Dianette and the Lymecycline for five months now. And my skin is finally clear! I'm still getting the occasional spot or two (mostly when I eat something I shouldn't, or don't drink enough water) but they are usually tiny due to the medication, and go away within a day.

My face has been left covered in red marks, which were getting me down to the point that I started using Differin gel which, being a retinoid, is meant to speed up cellular turnover and help with red marks. Unfortunately for me, it was too strong for my skin despite only using it every other night. The flaking wouldn't stop, the red marks looked worse, and my acne started to come back. So I stopped. I gave it a month which probably wasn't long enough to see results, but I didn't want to risk getting the acne again.

Since then, I've started using Aloe Vera gel which has been fabulous! It dries up the small pimples, takes the redness out of my skin, and all of the marks have started to fade! I've only been using it for one week, but the result has been so impressive that I've even left the house without makeup! Something I haven't done for years!

So, my current regime is to cleanse my face morning and night with La Roche Posay Micellar water because it is the only thing which doesn't result in a bad reaction. I then moisturise in the morning with La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturiser, and use Holland and Barretts 98% aloe vera gel at night.

Fingers crossed that these results last!


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