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Week 2



Well, just finishing up week 2 now. My skin is becoming drier and drier. It itches all the time, despite the lotion. My scalp is pretty itchy, and its been peeling like it does when it gets sunburned. My skin is still pretty clear, and when I do get pimples, which are still a daily occurrence, they heal extremely quickly. Usually they dry up by the next day. I'm finding that my skin is very fragile right now. It doesn't take much at all to bruise or cut my face. I've stopped squeezing pimples cause it immediately causes a bruise and an abrasion. My body wash, which is exfoliating and has little beads in it, is too much for me right now, and it feels like I'm using steel wool to wash with. My lips are super dry, and I think that's the most annoying side-effect so far. They feel so gross, and I apply Aquaphor or chapstick literally constantly.

That being said, there are a few perks. I'm able to go at least 3 days without washing my hair now because I'm so much less oily. Despite what I've read about sun sensitivity, I'm not finding it to be very bad. I live in Florida and I'm blonde haired and blue eyed, but i spent 2 hours at the beach with no sunscreen and still was only slightly pink and mostly just tan. I did notice the tan was nice and quick.

I'm sure it'll get worse, but I'm prepared for it!

Until next week.