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Before It Begins...

Alright. Dan's products come in about a day or two, and I'm ready to start this.

I've tried pretty much everything. I've wasted (or not wasted, because at least I know they don't work!) tons of money on products and procedures that have never made my acne go away. It's only been almost a year, but I know that I shouldn't have to wait that long to have clear skin again. I can do this. I just have to be persistent, and stop torturing my skin with new products and treatments.

It's insane! Every time I went to someone with my skin problems, they would tell me to do something different. No one seems to know what the best solution is. Even my dermatologist hasn't given me the results I wanted; he recently prescribed BP in the morning and Retin A cream at night, but it's way too harsh on my skin. Unfortunately though, it's been the only thing keeping it somewhat contained...or at least, that's how I feel. I'm too afraid to drop my prescriptions, which I've done in the past with little success.

Current condition of skin: Very red today. Lots of little bumps on my cheeks and forehead that you can see in the light, and inflammation on my cheeks (problem spot).

Tonight/tomorrow will be the last of this current regimen. Moving on to bigger and better things. I might even decide to let my skin have a break before starting Dan's Regimen. I'm not entirely sure; I'll keep you posted.


P.S. Sorry about the lack of clarity in the pictures! From now on I'll take them in better lighting.


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