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Night 5

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Good evening lovelies. My apologies first and foremost for not updating last night. Sunday is a busy day for me as I take my grandma shopping and I have housework to do so I did not get a chance to log in last night. Sowwi !!

Anywhoo ... I have a few things to report. I had 3 small pin head pimples today (that I couldn't help squeezing). Eurgh. Luckily they were only small so not too noticable. During the day though another 2 small pimples erupted ... buggers ... so I have decided to take a bit of a U turn as far as my skin is concerned. I have noticed for a while also that either side of my mouth where my acne is is red and almost raw ... as if it were irritated. I believe that the quinoderm may be annoying the skin a little more than it is helping it. Dont get me wrong it certainly helps with exisitng pimples ... but at the

moment because my skin is ssssoooo dry I would prefer to treat that over the few zits.

Soooooo ... I am going to use all natural products on my skin to see how it gets along. I already use honey and cocunut oil as a moisturiser but after searching the net earlier I stumbled across the joy of bananas for acne. Apparantly banana skin has antibacterial and healing properties when rubbed on active acne and the body of a banana when mushed and applied to the face as a mask is moisturising. Who'd have thunk it !!!

I actually have a banana and honey mask on as we speak. It smells great. I first rubbed 1 length of banana skin, cut in to 3 small pieces, all over my face (until it turned black), then mixed honey with mushed banana and applied with a clean cosmetic brush. Voila !! Its quite soothing. It stung a little when I rubbed the skin on my face as I had picked some spots earlier ... but the mask is lovely.

I do hope it helps. I dont want my skin to be red and irritated anymore. Its getting on my nerves. I have some of the mixture left over + some skin which I have wrapped in foil and kept in the fridge so I will repeat the process in the morning, Apparently it should be done 3 times per day but I know I wont have time for this so will do it twice and keep you updated with my progress.

I'd love to have perfect skin. That is top of my christmas list each year. The only solice to this horrible victimising disease is knowing i'm not alone.

Anywhoo enjoy the rest of your evening folks.

Have a happy and acne free tomorrow.



P.s ... I have uploaded a pic of me with my banana mask on below. I look like an extra from the evil dead. Enjoy. It made me laugh.

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