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Accutane - From The Beginning



So I have just started Occutane today (I think this is the same as Accutane, just the Australian/New Zealand version).

I've had it for a while - was prescribed it over 8 months ago - but decided not to take it after reading some horror stories. I was prescribed Doxycycline 50mg daily in April as another option and took that for 2.5 months. The side effects were horrific, my skin wasn't actually that bad until I took it. I took it along with the contraceptive pill Zoely which is fantastic and I have been using for 12 months and I had such a terrible reaction to the Doxy. My skin broke out with like cystic lumps under the skin just on my chin and neck. I have never had anything like this before, but always smaller, easy to cover blemishes just in that area also.

I went to my doctor who said to get off the Doxycycline immediately. She said since I've been taking it, my skin has actually progressed to a severe category.. it really was the worst drug ever... side effects included heart palpitations, night sweats, extreme tiredness and pressure headaches. I am now starting the Occutane, just 10mg daily. Is anyone else on this low dose?

Anyway, thought I would keep a blog thing going, seems to be a lot of people doing the same and I think it's kinda helpful given the severity of the drug.

Will keep you updated....


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I started with 20 mg when I weigh about 170 (80kg) and saw a noticeable difference in the first month, I'm now just over a week into my second month at 40mg. Anyway, good luck with everything I hope it goes smoothly for you.

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Hi! I just started Accutane about two weeks ago. I can definitely see a difference in terms of oil production (and thus dry skin) but i expect i'll be seeing a decrease in breakouts soon. If you want to keep each other posted on our progress and encourage each other I'd be down! It may very well be a rough 4 and a half months.

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Thanks guys! Thought I'd do weekly updates. I am actually doing really well after just 5 days... but I also think it is due to stopping the Docycycline - that stuff was nasty!!!!

I'll log back in in a coupla days and see how you guys are doing and post an update. Things going well so far...


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