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"man, I Look Good!"

It's difficult to say that sometimes, and especially harder to mean it. But we are our own worst critics and we have to give ourselves compliments now and then and look past the acne or post-acne marks. Progress is progress, and that's all you can hope for. You also must acknowledge that acne does NOT control your life by any means. Who cares if you have a few "imperfections," you look good!

I try to keep my regimen as SIMPLE and NON-IRRITATING as possible.

That being said, I use a cleanser / moisturizer duo that my allergist recommended, Free & Clear. I would compare it to Cetaphil but I hate Cetaphil haha. It's milder than anything I have ever used and has calmed down allergic reactions and acne alike. It doesn't contain fragrances, dyes, lanolin, parabens, or formaldehyde (egads). The moisturizer is a little heavy, but you just use less than usual and give it a little soaking in time. It moisturizes the scaliest of skin I swear. But I am on the polar opposite end of that spectrum and am blessed with a greasy complexion.

I also have a new found love of natural ingredients (and antiseptics). But I have tried many out, and have ruled out even the most prestige organic treatments. Here are the ones that I now cannot live without...

Manuka honey - Honestly diminishes the appearance of dark marks. I'm not kidding you, and it makes you glow. amused.gif I use it as a face mask a couple nights a week or as a spot treatment because it helps heal current acne as well. Can't go wrong with this stuff, seriously.

Turmeric - This awesome little spice helps with dark marks as well, and I mix this with the manuka honey to double the power! Some people say it stains your face but I have yet to see that myself. It will rub off on a pillowcase even after rinsing but that kind of makes me excited because it is still working while I'm sleeping! smile.png

Witch Hazel - Again, reduces dark marks. It also tightens the pores and cleans your skin to the cleanest clean you have ever seen! You must get one that is alcohol and fragrance-free (this irritates us acne-prone folks).

Vitamin C Serum - 20% to be specific, and pure. Helps with dark marks THE BEST. I have had a personal debate whether or not it was what was causing some acne but it could have been a number of things back then. I just know it made my face look amazing.

I get all of these on Amazon, including the Free & Clear cleanser and moisturizer. Let me know if you need help finding or choosing between products!

Here's a more organized look of my daily regimen:

1. Cleanse with Free & Clear Cleanser.

2. Apply Witch Hazel with cotton pads onto face, neck, chest, and back. Let dry for a minute or two.

3. Moisturize with Free & Clear Moisturizing Skin Cream.

4. Makeup (tisk tisk I know!) - Almay Clear Complexion foundation, which may or may not be treating my pimples because whenever I use the stuff my acne disappears (have used it on and off for years)... but salicylic acid usually has an adverse effect on my skin. Oh well, all I know is it works!!

And at night the only step I add is remove my makeup with Pond's Original Cold Cream and go through the rest of my regimen. smile.png

If I could help even one person I would be the happiest woman alive. Let me know what you think, if you're going to try any of these things, have tried any of these things, you think I should add something, or have any questions!

x x Stephanie


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I'm not sure about it but it could be worth a shot! I think they might add alcohol and other drying ingredients but if not you should check it out and let me know how it works for you!!

Have you ever used tea tree oil before? My skin isn't a huge fan but I'multra sensitive. :S

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