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My First Visit To The Derm

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I have been struggling with cystic and nodule acne for many years now and have tried everything. I asked for Accutane about a year back, but no go. I was a little worried when I went to the Dermatologist and they said I would be placed on Accutane. Now that it is a go, all of the side effects and thought of the initial breakout seems a little scary. I still have to wait the 30 days to go back and take another pregnancy test, but I didn't get much information on what happens next. If there is anybody that is willing to give me a heads up on what to expect next, what the process is, and what I should buy in bulks to prepare, that would be great!!

I will start my journey on my birthday next month, happy birthday to me....I think!!! I will post my initial pictures at that time, yikes!

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I honestly think that is the greatest news! I've always been so curious about Accutane, though I've never had severe enough acne to be placed on it. I've only used Tetracycline which obviously does zilch.

Keep me updated and don't stress out, you'll only heighten your chances of getting more breakouts. :)

I know your lips are supposed to get very chapped and your skin will get very dry. I don't know if your derm has given you a face wash or moisturizer but if you're looking for something mild you should try the stuff I use out!

It's called Free & Clear, my allergist recommended it. No one can break out from the stuff and the moisturizer is super rich!

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