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Update On Skin

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So I just wanted to make an entry on how my skin is looking since I start accutane on Tuesday. Right now I only have about 5 pimples, one that appeared this morning on my chin, one on my forehead and the other 3 are the persistent ones on my cheeks that just will not clear up. i do have some little bumps on my cheeks that are not quite pimples. my scars aren't as red today. I think this has to due with I just got back from vacation where I was out on the beach and ocean in the sun all day every day.

My scars are still pretty noticeable even through my makeup so I'm thinking I might buy a liquid foundation to wear to cover them better. I'm glad my face has cleared up a little before starting my treatment but I am a little nervous that its going to go crazy once I start. Just trying to hope for the best!

I get my blood work done tomorrow and then I can finally get things started!

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