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Night 2



Good evening guys. Not much to report today really. It is only the second pill I have taken so I don't expect to have a reaction, good or bad, just yet.

This morning and after I bathed earlier, instead of applying my usual blob of quinoderm I smoothed my face with organic coconut oil. Now not only do I smell like an exotic fruit ... yummy ... my skin is nice and smooth. Like a babies tush. Aaahhhh.

I have followed my usual daily skin care routine and drank copious amounts of water.

Oh ! I also forgot to mention earlier ... I take herbal supplements. They are as follows:

cod liver oil x1 daily

oil of evening primrose x 1 daily

skin, hair and nails x 1 daily

I used to take multivitamins prior to starting accutane but stopped as I have not yet purchased a mutli vitamin that does not contain vitamin A. I will definitely be scouting local supermarkets for a bottle soon though.

I'm still in 2 minds about my glycolic peel next tuesday. Hhhhmm. I will be progressing to a 75% peel strength next week, having started off on 20% initially 4 weeks ago. The sensible side of my brain is saying ..."are you a douche ? you're going to risk scarring from an adverse reaction to the peel due to the accutane because your so obsessed with having perfect skin. Bitch please". The vanity controlled latter part of my brain is saying "you'll be fine. Its a low dose antibiotic your taking. Nothing bad is going to happen. If anything ... you're skin will thank you". Eurgh.

Also ... and I know you will recoil in horror and gasp in sheer shock when I tell you this ... but I will be using a tanning bed tomorrow. "Are you ok ?? Did you hurt your back falling off the chair??". I know, I know ... don't use sunbeds, wear SPF, don't prolong tanning, blah, blah, blah. I tanned while on my last course of accutane. With no sun damage or over sensitivity to my skin. In fact ... the UV rays contributed, I believe, to the clearing of my acne. So please don't judge me. I'm not an idiot. Honestly. I just know my skin. I know my body. And I know myself.

If i'm wrong and I come out of that tanning booth looking redder than a baboons arse you get the self gratification of saying "I told you so", which I believe is accompanied by a very attractive dance.

Anywho I'm going to retire to my boudoir now as I am exhausted. I have been doing a lot of overtime at work lately for extra pennies. Me and my partner are taking our little girl to Disneyland in Florida in 3 weeks. So I'm goosed. Good night all.

Have an acne free tomorrow.