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My Face Is On Fire

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Soo I haven't seen any drastic improvement from the last pictures I put up. A little bit more drying of the lips, but that comes and goes with each day. One side effect I have noticed since beginning 40mg/day is the delightful feeling that my face is literally on fire every.single.time. I wash my face with cleanser or apply any toners/creams/masks. Clearly the wise decision would be to stop using toners/creams/masks, but has anyone who has also had this issue have any recommendations for a new face wash? I'm currently using Cetaphil.

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I haven't had that issue but I use Dickinson's foaming face wash and I like it.

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Thanks for the recommendations! I haven't noticed the burning feeling at all the past 2 days, so I think it was the face mask I used. If I have anymore issues I'll definitely try your suggestions :)

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