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Accutane Day 51

I haven't been able to write for a while as I was on vacation.

I bumped my dosage up to 30 mg for the second month, so I have been on that for about 20 days now.

I will be seeing my dermatologist next week and I want to go up to 60 mg a day, which would be about my max, and would mean I could finish my cumulative dose by October. I know that low dosing provides less symptoms, but I do NOT want to be on this stuff for a whole year. We want to get pregnant next year, so...

There has definitely been improvement. I have had no cystic acne since about my first week, and now the pimples I do get are quite small. That being said, if I so much as poke one, all hell breaks loose. There was a point where I had some serious scabs on my face. Leaving my skin alone is so hard! But seriously guys - Do. Not. Pick. It's not like with regular spots where picking actually makes them go away faster sometimes. It is not fun having a bunch of scabs on your face, and they are not easy to cover. Plus, I assume they scar.

Although I am still getting acne on my cheeks (especially) and forehead, it seems to have stopped almost completely on my chin, my temples, and also between my eyes, which was always SUCH an annoying place!

I experienced much more dryness while I was in Canada, including some eczema, but now that I am back in the Caribbean, I can't even put on moisturizer in the morning, my face gets too greasy. It is too damn hot/humid here, so I guess that's good.

Side effects:

- Still dealing with dry lips, absolutely cannot go anywhere with lip stuff

- Muscle soreness

- My nose is really rough; I thought it was dry skin but I'm beginning to understand that it is actually hard stuff coming out of my pores ... like, sticking out kind of. Is that normal? Sounds so disgusting, but is really only noticeable to the touch, or when I am wearing makeup and it sort of gathers.

- Eczema while I was in Canada... also a rash on the back of my right hand, which I assume is because I drink a lot of water, therefore pee a lot, therefore wash my hands a lot.

Products I use:

- Biotherm oil cleanser to remove makeup

- Marcelle toner (if I feel like I still have some makeup on)

- CeraVe cleanser and lotion

- Pure raw shea butter for lips and dry spots (Works SO WELL, , especially overnight)

- Blistex Simple for lips

- Bioderma for body lotion

- Tarte cosmetics

Anyways, it seems there's not much to say except that things are improving slowly but surely... the only downside to seeing the actual acne go away is realizing all the scars left behind sad.png There's the obvious redness/hyperpigmentation that I know will fade eventually (and at least it is easy to cover it with makeup, although it's pretty much too hot right now for makeup)... but there is also the pitted scarring. Not major, but enough to feel crappy about. Added with the enlarged pores, etc, I think it's going to take a while before I feel good about my skin.

Is it possible since my skin is young it will go away on it's own? I will get laser resurfacing for sure.

Anyways, I'm going to be brave and post some pictures.

1. It is a lot redder/uglier than it comes off on camera. The pictures from May were using my iPad, so the quality of the front camera is quite poor, and the pictures from June are from my iPhone.

2. There is a bigger improvement than what you see. I don't have any 'before' Accutane pics, only starting a couple weeks after beginning my course. Of course, I never made a habit of taking pictures of my worst breakouts.


This week has been alright. No major incidents. Just a couple of small red spots. Honestly, at this point, the worst part is the red marks left over from previous breakouts. I am going to the dermatologist on Monday to get my dosage upped, so hopefully that doesn't cause another breakout.

You can see I had a pimple on my chin at the end of June, that went away really quickly but left this dry peeling skin, which is a bit red now.

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