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Jawline Acne Scars/red Marks (With Pictures)

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Hi, so for the past few months I've been battling acne scarring/red marks along my jawline, especially my right side. My left side used to be clear, but once I actually started doing things to my face like washing it, it broke out and I have some mild red spots there. The real problem is with my right jawline, as you can see in the pictures. I have some indentation up near the top from when I used to squeeze pimples really hard when i was stressed during my junior year (i'm going to be a freshman in college now), but I'd say my real concern is the lower half. I know there are plenty of forums on acne.org regarding red marks, but most don't have pictures or are actually just dealing with boxcar/icepick scars. If anybody else has had a similar experience to mine, can you please either recommend some products or what you did to treat the marks. I have horrible OCD (not self-diagnosed like some people, it used to be horrible, like a TLC special kind of thing), so having these imperfections drives me nuts.

Thanks for any help!

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If you really want to clear your skin use the following medications: 1. topical benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide & Clindamycin), 2. Take an aggressive antibiotic: either Amoxil or Keflex, 3. Use cetaphil antibacterial soap bar (it kills acne causing bacteria on contact), 4. Use a retinoid: choose from a. Retin-A, b. Differin (adapelene) c. epiduo. Lastly, if after six months you are not perfectly clear, try accutane. Best of luck! There are effective treatments out there and you can succeed.

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Hey! the scarring on your lower jawline seems pretty hyper pigmented, I'm not sure if its just the yellow light in the pictures making it look more so, the one thing that had really been effective with my scars is the needling method, it got rid of a-lot of the depth of my scars and the redness, I haven't tried any creams for fear they would make my break out and cause even more scars. I did try lemon juice at one point, but it was too severe and dried out my skin, though it did help even my skin tone. I explain needling in more detail in my latest blogpost, but if you google needling acne scars, you should be able to learn a lot more :)

Hope this helps!

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