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So Tired Of Acne Scars!



I am at my breaking point with my acne scars right now. My cheeks used to be completely clear but after a bad breakout about 2 months ago my entire left cheek is covered is red dots. I use Tazorac on them but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. I'm so embarrassed of them and I really just don't know what to do about them anymore!! I start accutane in less than a week so I'm really hoping it can help these scars. Right now I only have like 7 or 8 little pimples, every other blemish is red and purple marks and it is so frustrating!! My face would look 10x better if they would just go away


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I don't think accutane cures scars but I do think that with the passage of time the scars will be less visible and eventually will fade completely. When I get a pimple, it leaves a brown mark. The mark lasts about six months (I know that's a long time). You could also try Proactiv dark spot corrector. Unfortunately you have to buy the whole kit just to get the dark spot corrector but it might be worth it. You could also use it along with accutane and tazorac. Just a thought.

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I don't know much about accutane so I can't offer much advice but I would like to offer my support/sympathies! my skin is pretty much clear from active acne but I have horrible red marks on my cheeks that are SO embarrassing and have really killed my confidence..i am in the same boat as you in that my skin would look significantly better if I could rid myself of them. It's rough because I know the red marks tend to be stubborn and stick around for a long time. I'm going on a beach trip with my friends in a month and instead of looking forward to it I'm dreading the embarrassment I'll probably have to face due to the state of my skin. anyways, I wish you the best of luck with accutane and just know that you're not alone in your struggles - I feel your pain!

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Sorry I just got around to seeing these! My dermatologist said that accutane should help up clear my scars because they are just discolorations and it should help, so lets hope so!

And I definitely know how you feel with the beig embarrassed, it's just super annoying. Sometimes I think I'd rather just have a pimple than a scar, scars just look so funny and out of place. Ugh!

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