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Week Two

Oh dear, two weeks already.

I have noticed a bit of smoothness. I've been pairing the BHA lotion with Cetaphil moisturizer. Part of my problem is dry skin, which I believe contributes to the whiteheads. My cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose still have quite a few tiny bumps, but that is to be expected. Two weeks isn't enough time to deliver results.

There has been one WEIRD problem. Diagonal breakouts! It goes like this: I'll get one hard, painful zit, and then, diagonally above on the left, I'll get another one. Does this make sense? It is one of the oddest things. It has happened three times already: on my right cheek, right side of my mouth, and currently on my left cheekbone. This current breakout seems to be way more painful. Ugh. To treat such breakouts, I put a hot washcloth on the zits, and then a hardening mask. It seems to speed things up a bit.

Could this be the BHA working??? (I've also read that breakouts like this could be a result of food allergies - I hope it isn't!)

I feel as if I'm going a bit off-topic! To summarize: I'm still really hopeful. I can see some results with the BHA. I imagine that perhaps, with a couple of months on my current regimen, my skin will become relatively clear.

Also: I haven't forgotten about posting my regimen! SOON.



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How is the BHA doing for redness, I'm working on treating my red spots and was actually going to get some paula's choice bha.

As for your dryness, buy some nordic naturals fish oil at whole foods it'll help with the dryness in a couple of days. Just don't go cheap with fish oil, otherwise it will contain oleic acid which breaks a lot of people out. If you want to go topical for moisturizing, mix together some jojoba oil and honey, manuka honey if you can afford it. If not, just go for raw, organic honey.

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Any update? I'm interested to hear how the BHA is working for you.

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