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Superhuman Zit



So yesterday I had two huge pimples. One on each cheek. For the first time, I used Neosporin on it last night and I must say that it did wonders for the huge one on my right cheek. The one on my left cheek was decidedly smaller, and although the Neosporin took most of the redness away, I woke up with the bump still there.

Since I had nothing and nowhere to go all day, I didn't put makeup on. I iced my left cheek since that was the only pimple remaining and the swelling went down a bit. Of course though, it didn't last for long. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. There wasn't a head yet but I could see plenty of white. I washed my hands, put a warm compress on it, sterilized a needle, and squeezed it with two Q-tips. It popped and it was extremely satisfying. Happily, I put more Neosporin on it to help it heal and put a Bandaid over it. When I took it off a few hours later, the bump was back! There is no freaking way that I didn't get all the pus and gunk out. At this point, I'm just very angry and on the verge of crying. I needed it to be gone by Wednesday and no amount of makeup is going to be able to cover this one. This zit must be superhuman. I don't want to try squeezing it again because I don't want to irritate it. I don't know what to do. I've had it for four days and no matter what I've used: toothpaste, acne cream, witch hazel, and a clay mask, nothing seems to be working. The ice helps the swelling, but eventually it all comes back. HELP!!!!


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I think you just need to let it run its course at this point, don't touch it at all and keep it clean. This won't help you for this particular zit but Nexcare makes these little clear circular bandages to put on recently popped spots, they pull out most if not all the remaining junk while protecting the wound. For some reason though they only sell them in Asia but they are pretty easy to get through ebay. You should look into it. Hope this helped. Good luck.

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I think you should go on antibiotics like amoxicillin. If you already are on antibiotics feel free to ignore this post. I remember wanting to fuk up my face by picking at zits. I didn't have health insurance and could not see a dermatologist. The minute I got health insurance I booked an appointment with a dermatologist. Within a year, I was completely zit free. Picking is natural but destructive and can create deep scars. Try to let your body heal each blemish and look towards more aggressive treatment of your acne. Good luck!

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