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Day 87 80Mg

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So I'm almost a full 3 months into my Accutane treatment at 80mg a day. The best advice I can give anyone taking it reading this is to really space out your dosages. I forget who told me this on this forum but he told me he was on the same dosage and spaced out his dosage more such as taking it in the morning and also at 10ish at night. I tried this because usually I would take it after a meal in the morning and also around dinner time around anywhere from 5-7. So I started taking the second 40mg dosage at around 10-11pm and it has really helped me. This keeps the Accutane in my system longer because it has a half life of 10 hours roughly. Since I started this my face has REALLy cleared up especially around my neck where I would get large cysts that looked bad. As for my chest/back it has had some flare ups recently, bad enough where I can hardly lay down but generally it has smoothened out and is really drying out which I definitely need. I have heard that month 4-5 is where some general calming of skin and flare ups occur and it really begins healing darker/deeper marks which again I need on my chest/back. Like I have said in my past posts I am looking to see if I can go on 6 months at this dosage and after go on a regimen of possibly 20mg a day until I am fully clear. My derm hinted at it in the beginning and I haven't seen him since ( I just graduated college and now I'm moving back home ) so hopefully these last months he can figure out a post regimen after this initial 80mg cycle. Hoping my chest/back start to clear faster but I understand it will take time. Good luck everyone!

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