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Day 6



The dryness definitely kicked in today on my lips. I felt like I was applying aquaphor constantly. No big changes in my skin...a lot of the closed comedones seem to be coming to the surface, or are at least close to doing so. My face is dry in certain areas, but by the end of the day, becomes shiny. Any whiteheads were just clogged pores. We'll see if hell breaks loose soon.


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You're almost done with week #1! That's exciting! You can do it. My derm wants to start me out low and slow to begin with too, that way he said I will have less of an Initial Breakout/ flare up of acne. I think everyone has a bit of one though, to clear out their skin and pores. I'm excited you're a week in! Hope everything goes well!

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Thanks so much for the support! Are you excited to start?! My derm wants me to move up to 50 mg after 5 days of 30 mg so I'm hoping that won't be too much too soon...Today my blackheads are very visible so maybe they'll be purging soon as well! Hopefully. Of course, I'm only a week in...I have 19 left. Haha

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