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My Hair Care Routine From: I Have An Oily Scalp As Well-Suggestions On Shampoo?

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i use dove and its okay.

for those who suffer from acne and has oily scalp,washing hair everyday might not be bad idea.

atleast u could rub ur towel like Dan does to take that oil off,else there are chances of hairline acne/clogged pores.

i wash my hair(at least the front part everyday with just water) and shampoo using dove shampoo(repair therapy range - i guess thats what its called) every 4 days(or sometimes 5) and i dnt use any conditioner now a days(may be when i will resume work etc i might use some on the end parts) but honestly i feel i dnt need it much.

there was a time when my hair used to be so rough irrespective of dry or oily scalp but now although i do get oily scalp in days but there isnt any oil dripping.

the balance(not too dry and not too oily) is probably for my change in diet and lifestyle am not sure.

also,i used to shampoo my hair once in a week or even later and that was not the best idea i think.

i tie my hair in plaits or a high bun every night before sleep and also at home i keep it mostly tied in a loose bun.

this keeps the hair off my face and also,the rubbing of hair in pillow and the friction caused thus is not great for hair ends.

comb ur hair atleast twice a day.

comb ur hair before shower(or shampoo).

try not to comb on wet hair.tends to lead to breakage(at least in my case).

if ur hair is dry,u could oil ur hair hours before shampoo.

and try steam therapy.

provided i shampoo and keep my hair clean in general ,i dnt get too much dandruff.

once i did(i am not sure why,one because i used oil sometimes then or may be because i was so infrequent in shampooing or cleaning my scalp/hair then) but now am better.

i was prescribed 'scalpe' shampoo for dandruff then.

i was asked to use it every other day which i never did because my mum believes shampooing too much is bad for hair texture.

anyway,my point is 'scalpe' is a good shampoo and in case any of u wants details on it,u could PM me.

i recommend it as a product with more than one active ingredients and works for dandruff,seborrhic dermatitis and fungal folliculitis(on ur face/bumps etc)


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