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Week 2



So it's now just over two weeks since i've started taking zinc (17 days) and it really doesn't seem to be helping, so i decided today that i'd increase my dose to 50 mg. Hopefully this works because i've been breaking out more this week.

i've been using my multivitamins everyday, washing only twice and using my toner at night. Still haven't gotten my BP lotion yet, i've been leaving my house before the pharmacies open and leaving work after they close. Hard week sad.png

To be honest I'm a little reluctant to try BP again since all my experiences before have been bad and I think it makes my marks worse which is bad because i get a lot of marks, even if I never touch the pimple at all.

This week my skin is:

- not doing so well

- very oily shiny all over

- i have a cyst on my chin ( I hardly get cysts)

- a few white heads on my the sides of my mouth and nose and my back sad.png

very bad week

- got my period yesterday so that could explain the breakout although it's a little more than I usually get with my period so maybe it's the fact that this week was especially stressful.. i dunno

Anyway, it's saturday so it's 'facial' day. Time for me stream, scrub and paint myself with a sulfur mask.


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Do you have a regimen that includes acne medications? I know zinc can really help. I think, based on my own experiences that a more agressive approach with your skin care may work. Antibiotics, topical and pill form, definitely a bp in some form and antibacterial face wash helps too. I am just a busybody. You can just ignore me. Best of luck to you!

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I've tried almost all otc medications and most prescription ones too. I'm starting over. I'm just adding things gradually.

Right now I'm using a mild soap (all medicated soaps and cleansers tend to irritated my skin) and a toner with salicylic acid and glycolic acid as well as a moisturizer with salicylic acid.

My plan is to add things gradually until I see results. I'm adding bp to my regimen as soon as I find some that's not proactive. It's the only one that's easy to find where I live and i'm very sure I'm allergic to something in it because I get a crazy reaction to it. So I've been looking forsomething called clearzit since its the only other that I see. Gonna take some time off work tomorrow to look for it.

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