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Day 4



Today is my 4th day on 20 mg. My skin is pretty much the same as yesterday, though there is visible peeling and a few of the clogged pores I have are beginning to look like they'll be coming to the surface sometime soon. Nonetheless, I woke up with a whitehead in between my eyebrows, one just under my nose, and an under the skin pimple on my nose, which is not visible and not even painful unless I touch it while washing my face. I've decided to upload pictures so you can see what my skin looks like now without make up. I still have large pores, clogged pores, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, and now redness and dry skin from the Accutane. Yay. Here's to hoping I'll begin to clear after my first month. Praying, really. I heard the initial breakout isn't as bad for those with milder cases but nonetheless I'm terrified of what awaits me. Support welcomed! I also think my skin might look a little bit better in these pictures. Oh well, I guess we're our own harshest critics. blogentry-210922-0-51015700-1371885515.jblogentry-210922-0-50006300-1371885516.jblogentry-210922-0-40005700-1371885517.jblogentry-210922-0-92520800-1371885517.jblogentry-210922-0-40101300-1371885518.j


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Hey, I started with 20 mg's as well for my first month which I just finished and I started to really notice an improvement after the third week. My oil production is way down and the spots I do get are generally smaller and less severe. I hope you don't get much of an IB but I think you'll definitely be good by the end of the summer regardless. Good luck with everything. And your skin doesn't look bad at all but I totally get the self criticism thing.

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That's so encouraging! Thank you. And also thanks for sharing. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to any of the purging or IB but I'm hoping it won't be too awful when it does happen. I see you've taken it before? How long did it take you the first time around to clear completely?

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