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Week 2!

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So It's been 2 weeks now, so I figured I'd give a quick update. This is going to be quick because I don't have much news at this point. I did have a brief slip up with my skincare, and I had a night where I got lazy and didn't do my whole routine. As a result I got a few extra pimples than I normally do but they were located primarily in the area where I typically break out (mostly chin and jawline). But I'm back at my routine and I haven't had any misteps since.

In terms of the acne scarring again I'm not seeing significant visible results on the old scars and marks. Results that I have seen/felt as of now are:

- Less redness in the scarred areas, so most of my post acne marks are clearing up

- Overall my skin feels a lot smoother in the scarred areas

Of course when you are dealing with scarring its going to take time to really see results. Normally by this point if I hadn't seen results I'd be inclined to give up on a routine, but I'm trying to really stick with it (it apparently takes 2-3 months for a skincare routine to really work or something right?) I've been paying close attention to the right side of my face since those marks aren't as dark or widespread to begin with. I anticipate I'd see faster results there because of that.

Also another note with the tea tree moisturizer: the packaging says that it controls oil. I personally haven't noticed significant results with that, so if anyone was planning on buying it for that purpose I wouldn't. I do like the moisturizer though. I'm thinking once I am satisfied with my results from the dark spot corrector I'll switch to using that moisturizer at night (since there's no SPF) and use a different moisturizer during the day.

So this ended up not being a quick update, but I do feel like I need to make a quick clarification. Since I'm trying to do this blog in the interest of full disclosure so that others can make informed choices, I should have probably specified earlier that my acne is 100% genetic. My mom, dad, and older sister all suffered from acne (and for the most part still do). So I'm focusing of really getting my skin to a manageable place, since due to my genes I will probably never have naturally 100% perfect skin.

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