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Slippery Slope



Yep, I slipped up... but on the other hand it wasn't too bad. My biggest problem with picking is the shame I get afterwards and it usually doesn't go away until the picked areas have healed, but this time it was quite mild. It started with a random attack at a blackhead under my chin, which was utterly pointless...making me go searching for something else, so I sqeezed a closed comedone in my hairline. It popped really well so I went for another one and wasn't so lucky. Fortunately it was in my hairline so it's not too noticeable, but the main positive is that I saw the bloody mess I was creating and actually stopped.

Today the chin blackhead and first comedone don't even need covering and the other one has turned into a small scab. It made me realise though, that I can't become complacent. Honestly I think without the elastic band I wouldn't have even paused to step away from the mirror and would have probably carried on. Also this morning I woke up with an inflamed comedone (easy to squeeze out because they have a pore and are 'ready' to be picked) which has gone down fairly quickly.

Overall, it's been a mixed few days...I've picked when I shouldn't have and picked when a normal person would, but I've also managed to stop myself from reaching the point of no return where the depression would normally kick in. I know that picking anything is a slippery slope, so I've managed today to only pick what was warranted, which means I am capable and just need to keep it up!