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Possible Products To Use While On Accutane

Hey everyone!

I have watched dozens of YouTube videos about people and their Accutane journeys, talked with friends who have taken Accutane, and talked with my dermatologist about products to use while on Accutane and I figured I would share the list of possible products.

While on Accutane you are not to use any type of acne-related skin care product or regimen. Your face becomes very dry and delicate, so you are to use gentle, moisturizing, non-comodogenic cleansers, moisturizers, etc. Your hair can also become very dry, so you are not supposed to wash it as much or apply as much direct heat/ styling. I am going to continue to use my leave- in conditioner (Garnier) until I've used it up and then possibly find another brand that is even more nourishing. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days as it is, but I will be extra careful to look up vitamins and supplements that I can take to make my hair stronger and healthier while on Accutane.

So far, here is my list of potential products. Note--I'm not on Accutane yet and have not tried a few of these before, so make sure you check with your dermatologist and do your research before using these products. Also, note that I may try them and change my mind once I am on Accutane!

Possible Products to Try While on Accutane:

  • Aquaphor lip cream (in tub)
  • Aquaphor lip balm (in tube)
  • CeraVe face moisturizer--currently use and really like (very gentle), but may need to try something creamier, more nourishing, and more moisturizing once on Accutane
  • Vaseline tubs for lips and inside of nose
  • Saline nasal spray for nosebleeds
  • Refresh—moisturizing eye drops
  • Neutrogena Spectrum w/ SPF 100+ for body (sunscreen)
  • Nivea Lip Therapy Chapstick
  • Dessert Essence Jajoba hair oil
  • Itchy scalp & dandruff shampoo
  • Aveeno moisturizer for redness
  • Rose petal witch hazel toner
  • Hydrating, moisturizing eye cream and serum
  • Garnier leave in conditioner
  • Aussie catch the waves mousse and leave in conditioner

    Does anyone have suggestions for these types of products:

  1. Rich, creamy, nourishing face moisturizer
  2. Sunscreen for face (moisturizing but not too greasy) that I can wear if I am out in the sun for a bit some days
  3. Vitamins/ supplements for healthy, nourished hair, skin, and nails
  4. Moisturizing, gentle eye cream (not too expensive)




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