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My Decision

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I started getting acne when I was 11 and in the fifth grade. It was really just little bumps on my forehead. That all changed when I got into middle school and hit puberty. My acne and oily face exploded. I am now almost 18 years old and I wish I could say my struggle is over but as of late my acne has just gotten worse.

I have tried literally everything. Proactive, store washes, antibiotics, birth control. EVERYTHING. So I have finally decided that I am done with acne and I am taking accutane and I am so excited.

My acne is usually pretty mild, no cystic acne but lots of red and purple scars. I have periods where my face is very clear but the next week I have twenty pimples on my face. I'm sick of it and I'm happy I have finally decided to take accutane. Once I start i plan on keeping a log, mostly for myself but also for anyone who wants to see how my progress goes!

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