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Finally Got The, "ok!"



Hellooo! I received the best news this week. I finally got the, "ok," to start the generic form of Accutane! I never thought that I would ever hear those words!

Acne runs in my family unfortunately. My mother was treated on Accutane twice. The 2nd round was very successful for her. My brother was successfully treated on Accutane as well. And man oh man is his skin beautiful. A lot of my cousins have been treated as well.

I do not fall under the category of having severe acne, unlike what my family members had fallen under. This is why I never had been prescribed this medication. I have had mild to moderate acne since I was 15. I am not 26, and it seems to have gotten worse. Not only have I had the occasional red bumps and small amount of cystic acne, but I now have developed a numerous amount of comodones. I have NEVER had a day where I had 100% clear skin. And as time has gone by, I have noticed small scarring. Just 3 small indentions on my skin. After seeing what was happening to my skin, I decided that enough was enough. My PA derm has prescribed me everything under the sun in the past, and nothing has taken away the acne 100%. After talking to him and still being denied any form of Accutane, I realized it was time to try a different MD. Keep in mind that my acne may have been mild to moderate on my face, but it was pretty severe on my back and shoulders.

So....I met with my new Derm and went over my history with her. She quickly decide that it was time to try the generic form of Accutane. It was like music to my ears. I know the risks. I understand that it is going to be worse before it gets better. But I am 100% ready and excited to see if my skin will actually ever be clear! I will start mid July and am counting down the days! I will be posting pics soon and plan on doing it throughout my treatment!

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Good luck! I've been on Accutane for a week and I'm already feeling the effects on my skin and lips. It will take time but everyone has such success with it- we'll get through it and wish we'd done it sooner!

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