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First Impressions: Can Natural Products Clear Your Skin?

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I've been on my natural skin care mission for about 4 days now, so I thought I'd share some of my impressions on how it's going so far!

I suppose I can't review the vitamins so much right now as I think they take some time to get working in your system, but I have also begun taking Vitamin D3 which after looking online seemed to be another effective acne solution. So as it stands I'm taking the recommended dosage for Vitamin A, E & D3 - though I can't speak for effectiveness right now, I can say I haven't experienced any negative side effects while taking this vitamin combo. Vitamin D3 (sunshine vitamin) can be great for your overall mood (I can vouch for this personally, because I feel amazing when I take Vitamin D3 everyday), and also has been shown to help balance your skin and help get rid of acne (apparently 75% of us are deficient in vitamin D!). If you do start to take vitamin A, or E, remember to take them with food because some vitamins are fat soluble and require there to be some sort of fat, animal or vegetable, in your stomach to be absorbed properly. This is why the label will usually say to take it with a meal, because it's how your body absorbs the vitamin. Vitamin D can be taken with or without food, but you might as well take them all at the same time with a meal to make it easier!

Sorry for the vitamin rant! In terms of skincare, weirdly the day after I used the 'honey mask', I found myself breaking out a bit on/around my nose, and a bit on my forehead. I thought that was odd so I decided to play it safe and skip the honey after that - I have no idea if this was because of the honey or the tea tree 'purging' my skin a bit, but I decided to cut the honey to eliminate a factor while I figure things out. The tea tree regime is nice so far, I haven't broken out REALLY bad but as I said above, I have had some minor bumps appear. When I began this whole natural skincare regime, I had a LARGE existing pimple that was driving me nuts, and I happened to start using all the tea tree products right when this was at it's worst. I was surprised that the tea tree oil has really helped speed up the healing and minimize any infection. This wasn't a normal small pimple, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when after 2-3 days it was practically gone with the use of all tea tree products!

Firstly, I only use the tea tree OIL itself at night because as the name implies, it's oily - not a good look for the day time. I don't know if 'less is more' with tea tree, so I've been using two methods to apply the oil at night - 1) after I cleanse and tone, I put on the night treatment and then follow with the tea tree oil on a cotton ball all over my face, 2) after I cleanse and tone, I put on the night treatment and then use a q-tip to apply the tea tree oil to breakouts only. I'll let you know what I find works best but, I've read about people doing one or both of these methods, so I suppose it's a matter of preference and your skin type.

OK! That was just little update in case anyone was curious about experimenting with a natural route. I will be sure to update soon and let you all know how the vitamins are working along with the skin care regime.



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