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First Dermatologist Appointment

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Had my first derm appointment today and have been given the (sort of) go ahead to be prescribed roaccutane.

The Doctor checked my face and back and just asked me how long I'd had acne, what meds I'd taken for it and then asked about what contraception I was using. We went through the pregnancy prevention plan and I was given a leaflet about roaccutane to read before my next appointment. Just need to have my blood taken and a negative pregnancy test and then hopefully I'll be starting the course from the 10th July.

Will post further details soon! smile.png

Posted some pictures of my acne before treatment.

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weird that your doctor put you on Accutane on your first visit. usually they start you off with creams and antibiotics.. but I wish you luck .. I was on Accutane years ago but I had to try so many things before being put on it .. I ended up being allergic to antibiotics so finally the doctor I had back then decided to put me on it after she saw me crying . I was so depressed being allergic to Bactrim and doxycycline and tetracycline ..

I do hope this works out for you ..

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Well I was referred by my GP to a consultant dermatologist after 6 years of trying antibiotics and creams and gels so it's been quite a long wait, hopefully it'll be worth it though! :) Hope it worked for you.

Acne has been the bane of my life for so long now that I'm willing to try just about anything..

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