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Congested Pores What To Do



Cycle days 27, 1,2,3 (aka beginning of my period. connection? i bet)

So over the weekend my pores got incredibly congested/clogged whatever. Also the hyper pigmentation was driving me crazy.

So decided to add my asorbic acid toner back in, and but the aczone on top. I noticed a difference the next morning..spots were a little lighter.

Another night I wiped my face with a salicylic acid wipe (stridex no alcohol) and rinsed it off. Then applied my aczone and moisterizers. Can I say that it helped tremendously with the congestedness of my skin! I know I'm not suppose to be adding stuff to my regime but I really couldn't take it. And I knew it would help a little and it did.

Last night I went a little crazy, washed with salicin acid cleanser, put on asorbic acid toner, aczone, then my Cereva moisterizer mixed with jojoba oil, and coconut oil. I know coconut oil is supposively a little comogenic but I needed something to help this hyper pigmentation. Guess what, I wake up and it looks a lot more even toned and lighter. I washed with the salicylic acid wash, then aczone, then moisterizers this morning.

Of course I kind of wonder if maybe the oracea is finally kicking in but I kind of doubt it...my face was clogged! Don't think antibiotics do anything for that overnight.

Anyway I'm going to stop and go back to the basics and see what happens in a few days. I'm sure my dermatologist won't be happy about this but right now the products she gave me are barely addressing all my issues.


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