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First 6 Weeks



I started the minocycline 50mg, avar cleanser once a day, and aczone twice a day. I didn't see any improvement for 2 weeks. I was still breaking out but my skin looked healthier? Like some of it was clearing? The aczone seems to deflate pimples immediately when you put it on but they seem to inflate by the end of the day lol.

Anyway week 3 I got a yeast infection from the minocycline, I never get yeast infections! I know it was the mino because I stopped taking it for a few days and the yeast infection started to go away...it came back full force when I started taking it again and I had to get vagisil. Fun times. The dermatologist told me to just stop taking the minocycline.

By week 5 my face looked like it did at week 1. Fml. Makes me feel like the aczone does nothing but its so gentle I want it to work.

By week 6 I start getting Pam's and I have my dermatologist appointment. I really hoped she would put me on some form of retin-a but she wants to give my skin a chance to calm down first ( no clue how that's going to happen with me still breaking out) she puts me on Oracea which is doxycycline 40mg formulated for ppl with rosacea. Honestly, I cried after my appointment cause I have little hope this will do anything and she wants me to wait 2 months.