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Beginning Intro

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First off, this is a blog to track my personal progress as I'm sick of writing it in different journals and losing it...also I'm hoping to come to some insights from others along the way. I'm trying to figure out the cause of my acne which I feel is next to impossible, but I do think I can maybe figure out what things make it better and worse. For that reason I may also include diet information and what day of my cycle I'm on. Sorry if that is too personal for you but this is kind of an experiment.

I went to the dermatologist because my breakouts were out of control. I was using benzoyl peroxide once every other day because that's all my skin can handle, salicylic acid, and a vitamin c toner I make myself. The BP was just making my skin look old and depleted.

I had a lot of comedones on my forehead ( but now i think they may be rosacea pustules because they are not full of sebum just clear fluid). I had congested pores in my t zone and cheeks. I also had some whiteheads on my chin and a few on my cheeks. My skin felt very irritated...as if something was under the skin...like I can feel myself break out. It is hard to explain but it almost itches.

Now on my chin line I get these weird pimples that are under the skin but they are very tiny. They are not cysts, they are as small the tip of a grain of rice. They do not come to a head, but I can feel them with my fingertips. Unfortunately I have a very hard time not popping them, and now I have a lot of red marks from this. I feel that most of what looks bad is these red marks on my face, my skin use to heal quickly in a few days, but now if I pick I will automatically have hyper pigmentation there for weeks or months.

Anyway, the dermatologist said I have acne rosacea. I almost didn't believe her because I do not had a red face I am only red where I have acne pimples. However, I learned rosacea can also cause its own kind of pimples, and it would explain why my skin is extremely sensitive.

So she put me on aczone twice a day, minocycline, and avar cleanser. I must mention I also have seborric dermatis on my scalp and avar treats rosacea as well as seborric dermatitis.(just in case that's related).

I have switched from minocycline to oracea because I had major stomach issues as well as a yeast infection.

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