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Background About My Skin



All throughout high school I never really had to deal with acne. Even though my skin type has always been extremely oily, I would only get an occasional pimple. I thought I was so lucky that I would never have to deal with bad acne. My parents said they never had it either so I definitely thought I was in the clear. But no, I couldn't have been more wrong. My skin suddenly took a turn for the worse around when I turned 20 (I'm almost 22 now). I would get these deep painful pimples on my chin that would last for weeks. Also, I noticed that the pores on my chin were congested with these tiny skin-colored plugs if I looked really close. I would have about 2 or 3 cysts on my chin at all times and the occasional surface pimple around my mouth. During this time I tried almost everything, but it has just gotten worse and worse. My skin started to have at least 10 painful cysts on it at all times. For reference my skin is fair, oily, and extremely sensitive.

Here is a list of everything I have tried:

-Proactiv: Worked for a while but then stopped and began to dry out my skin too much and gave me a rash

-Sulfur wash: Gave me dry patches and smelled like rotten eggs

-Benzoyl Peroxide Wash: Dried out my skin and aggravated my acne

-Michael Todd True Organics Acne Regimen: I wish this stuff had worked because it felt amazing on my skin. Didn't dry me out but did nothing for my acne

-Cetaphil: I still use this in the mornings because it is gentle, but doesn't help acne on it's own

-AHA/BHA Cleanser: I find this too exfoliating for my skin. I like using it once every couple of weeks though

-Aveeno: I am allergic to soy and didn't realize this had soy in it for a while. Once I stopped using this the redness calmed down a lot

-Murad: Didn't help my acne, made my skin feel dry and tight

-Neutrogena, Biore, Clean and Clear, Olay etc: I can say the same thing for all of the drugstore facial cleansers I bought TOO DRYING

-Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment: Stung my face and I didn't notice it drying up my pimples

-Ziana: I think I was allergic to this because it caused swelling in my face

-Doxycycline and Minocycline: I kept throwing these medications up no matter what I would take them with so I'm not sure if they would have worked for me. Sorry that's really gross...

Also I have tried making changes in my diet:

-I completely cut out soda and juice

-I cut out soy because I found out I'm allergic to it

-I try to limit my carbs and sugar

-I take probiotics and a woman's multivitamin everyday

-I switched to unsweetened almond milk because I am lactose intolerant

So far these changes haven't made a difference in my skin. I'm also going to try a fluoride free toothpaste, as someone said chin acne might be caused by an allergy to fluoride. It's worth a shot. I'm so desperate at this point.

Current Products (I will make another post about my progress with this regimen)

Morning: Wash With Cetaphil, Apply Proactiv Oil-Free moisturizer spf 15, Take Spironolactone with breakfast

Night: Wash with Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser, Wait 15 minutes then apply Metrogel