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My Take On Negativity & Positivity Herefrom: Overwhelming Negativity In This Section

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"There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris." --Sulzberger & Zaldems"

i have nothing to say on this!

i will ignore the fact that some said this and others believed.

enjoying a sad thing doesnt mean it helps me.

atleast i can speak for myself.

sad songs only make me sad.when am low,i have a tendency to listen to songs that are sad and they never make me get over stuff,

i need to read a funny book or watch a movie thats fun or groovy to get a smile.

may be its just me but anyway.

i expect u to read our posts once more,

none of us have said that writing here is wrong.

in fact,we have stressed on how this place is meant for support and venting out of suppressed emotions.

we are all in this together.

talking about not getting a girl or how life ruined ur life is okay,

but what is not okay is when all 'someone' wants to hear is "oh!yes i dnt get a girl too' or 'damn!my life is ruined ad well'!

instead i wish people would understand that although there's acne and pain but its not the end.

we r all beyond our skin.

are all the people happy or loved or successful(however big or small it is!) are with perfect skin?

does that help us infer that there's more than just skin.

taking care of our skin is a must.

we are primarily here to speak about how we can cure or treat our skin issues.

yes,we all wanna get rid of it.

but just like stressing doesnt help ur skin, being negative about it through doesnt either.

so if not for all other reasons,trying to be a lil' positive in general for ur own skin!

positive doesnt mean sing a happy song or dance !

positive means stop to tell others we r here and things can get better.be optimistic about being able to do something worthwhile in life and be confident that u're more than just ur skin.

and believe so urself.

i know its difficult and its okay to have those moments when u break down and cry.

but to become all negative always is not right IMO.

life is more than just ur skin.

tomorrow if i die.

i will be left with just my negativity and lost nature,

i wouldnt want that to happen.

i am not a clown,and i sadly dnt have that flair to make people smile and laugh all the time.

but am serious.


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Ine get both sides. Your post is awesome though. It is so important what you are saying. We have to remain positive and keep looking for our cure. Acne is treatable and preventable for 99% of sufferers. It is so important to enjoy life even though one has acne. I agree with the quote that acne does cause intense pain but that doesn't mean we should let it destroy us.

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the comparison in the quote is pretty lame,

i would request u to visit a thread that has a similar discussion.


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