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My Best Acne/hyperpigmentation Regime

Here is my regime.

Cleanse (w/washcloth): Kojie San Soap approx $5 for 2 bars or Giovanni Dtox cleanser $8

Eyes: Cetaphil moisture

Treatment: Maxi Peel Exfoliant #2 (am &pm) approx $8

SPF: Rocky Mountain SPF 30 approx $8

I have not found a evening moisturizng for full face. I cannot use any "cones", waxes, butters, oils or I will break out. I have yet to find a moisturizer without these ingredients for night moisture.

I am beyond ecstatic with my results w/ Kojie San Soap & Maxi Peel #2. I have been using Maxi Peel exfoliant 2 (Liquid Retinol & HQ) for one week along with Kojie San Soap and my hideous hyperpigmentation has literally disappeared. My main concern was the darkness on my upper lip and in frown lines; it looked like I had a mustache, dirt all over my face and bad makeup (melasma from years on Birth Control, which I have since been off for 2 years.). Within one week, there is no more darkness around my mouth! After all the money spent on peels and lighteners these two CHEAP products are what worked for me. Both products greatly benefited my acne as well, which is rare. Usually sun damage or HP treatments cause breakouts for me. Now that I am 25, my acne has gone from whiteheads and inflammation to closed comedones. This treatment has been awesome for my skin. I do get

I have never been "soap" user, because the ingredients are highly comedogenic, but this soap doesn't contain those ingredients. The soap is a kojic acid soap and if left on skin for more than a 20-30 seconds will burn the skin (which happened to me around my mouth when I used with my clarisonic too much too much!) So once my skin begins to feel the slightest bit of "tingle" I rinse off with cool water. If you get past the tingle factor, it will begin to BURN. You don't want it to burn, because it will burn your skin off, not a desirable results especially for someone with HP. I did not scar, I applied polysporin religiously on the area, avoided the sun and wore hats anytime outside, took multivitamin, l-lysine (makes skin heal faster!!) and biotin 2 times a day and WATER WATER WATER.

Peeling...Both products can make you peel. I went with the level 2 of Maxi Peel, because I saw reviews on youtube (level 4) and these gals were peeling sheets of skin like snakes. No joke. I didn't want to peel that much at once, it could damage my skin and I was wary about this product. So the level 2 Maxi Peel, it burns upon application regardless, I just fanned my face after I apply it with a cotton round. I applied more around my mouth where my major concern was. I tried not to combine both the products too much as they are both exfoliants, so I would skip the soap based on how my skin felt or vice versa. For visible flakiness I just massaged off gently with a wash cloth and water. I didn't have extreme peeling at all and like the results.

HQ:To use HQ or not. Yes it has been said to link to cancer. Yes I thought I had sworn off HQ due to this reason. Use this ingredient at your own risk, do some research if you are wary about it. HQ should not be used for prolonged periods of time, avoid using over 2 months. This will even out skin tone, not lighten your skin by a number of shades for "skin whitening" purposes.

Both products can be purchased on Ebay/Amazon.

Bonus: My pores look amazing! Perfect for refining large pores and oily skin.

Update 9/3/13:

My skin has greatly improved but it took a beating from the summer rays. My HP seemed to have disappeared, not only to return once I was forced to be outdoors (even in a hat). I occasionally use the Kojie San soap,not everyday because it is aggressive. It also can lightly clog pores. I suggest using the clarisonic (but NEVER with this soap, it will burn the shit out of your skin...literally burn it off.)

My daily as of now:

Cleanse: Giovanni charcoal cleanser

spf/moisture day: Rocky Mountain spf 30

Primer: Sephora sillicone free primer (awesome stuff!!!)

Foundation: Alima pure mineral matte foundation-Golden 5

Alima pure blush

Set with their finishing powder or NYC translucent powder


same, but no spf

Cetaphil around my eyes

Maxi peel #2 or #3 for only a 2 month period (to avoid darkening of the treated area...ochrinosis)

Update 9/27/13

Cleanse (w/washcloth or Clarisonic): Giovanni Dtox facial cleanser $8

Eyes: Cetaphil moisture

Treatment: Retin A every other night......(no more HQ, my pigementation bounces back even worse unfortunately.)

SPF: Rocky Mountain SPF 30 approx $8

STILL HAVE NOT FOUND A NIGHT MOISTURE (I'm open to all suggestions!)