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I'm Bored With The "day ##" Titles...



It's day 11 and everything is still going well! I only have one legitimate active pimple (white-head) on my face right now on my right cheek. And I guess there are a couple tiny ones on my forehead that are somewhere in a stage between dried up pimple and flattened red mark.

Also, something new to me: I've been getting an occasional, well, I don't really know what they are... it's almost like an under-the-skin pimple, somewhat on the larger size in terms of circumference, but they're just BARELY raised, and they don't hurt at all the way a normal under-the-skin pimple does. I have two on my chin right now, they've gotten smaller since they first appeared a few days ago. They're barely noticeable because they're skin-colored and not even slightly inflamed. Anyone know what they are?

Something I'm shocked and beyond happy about, my red spots are actually looking better and my skin tone much more even. One of my biggest reservations about starting Accutane was fear of my red marks getting worse. I had read SO many blogs and reviews saying that because your skin thins out and your healing process slows down, your red marks look worse.

Side effects:

-Lips are definitely starting to feel a bit of dryness. Unless I'm thinking about it and trying to, I tend not to drink much water so I'm usually dehydrated to begin with. So yesterday I started to drink 50 fl oz a day, and it has definitely helped.

-No real skin dryness yet. I was pretty oily to begin with, and I switched to Mario Badescu Rice & Carnation Oil cleanser, so I haven't even needed to use moisturizer yet on my face. I've been moisturizing my body like crazy from day 1, so no dryness there. I did have a random dry patch on my ear the other day though. I put some aquaphor on it, problem solved.

-Just today I noticed that I'm probably a bit more sore from the gym yesterday than usual. Nothing unbearable, but still a bit annoying.

-No vision problems or eye dryness, thank god. I wear contacts so that's another one I couldn't deal with.

I decided not to come off Yaz yet, I'm going to stay on for one more month and then come off. My cholesterol shoots up when I'm on it (I'm genetically predisposed, but it's still concerning considering I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs, work out regularly and generally prefer healthier foods) so I definitely need to stop it after this pack ends.

That's about it for today, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask :)