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Wishclean On Her Intolerance/conditions For Histamine Trigger/from: Anecdotal Evidence That Cystic/nodular Acne Is A Food Or Other Intolerance



For me, it's more about quantity than types of foods. I discovered that tomatoes are a trigger for nodules and inflammed red spots. A lot of alcohol in combination with processed sugar also results in acne. Specific types of candy cause me cysts in the same spot - I will usually feel an itch in that spot within minutes of consuming the candy, and then a few hours later a cyst appears.

For me, there is a connection between histamine triggers and acne, rather than straightforward allergies or intolerance. I recently got tested for a lot of allergens and foods and nothing came up - I did both blood and skin testing and a single allergen on its own did not produce a histamine reaction yet the blood tests showed high IgE and histamines. So I think it's either something obscure or most likely an intolerance to a combination of histamine triggers.



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