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My Regimen And Acne Story



My Story

I started getting acne when I was about 10 or 11. My extremely vain mother started me on treatment at about that time. . I'm now 22, I've tried a lot of things along the years but nothing seems to work. My acne started out mild to moderate, then when I was about 14 it became severe. I cut out all sugar from my diet and saw no improvement in my skin, but I felt better so I stayed off it. When I was about 18 I removed dairy from my diet and saw a little improvement. Over the years I've tried topicals, including prescription topicals, antibiotics, birth control pills and nothing has ever helped get rid of it.

My Acne:

I've always had it on my face and back. It started off worse on my back but it's now worse on my face. Ever so often i'll get a pimple on my arms or shoulders. I barely have any scarring even though it's been so many years but I do have a ton of spots. It's like someone took a permanent marker and dotted me all over. My skin is oily, looks rough but is actually soft to the touch. Right now I'm not sure how to describe my skin. It will clear up completely then break out like crazy.

My Regimen:


wash with a gentle cleanser.

I would like to use something to treat my skin during the day but I sweat off anything by the time I get to work, where I'm on my feet all day and will sweat off anything I apply after my walk there.

Night time:

wash with a gentle cleanser

apply a toner with 2% salicylic acid and glycolic acid

apply 10% BP cream (the only concentration I can find... i live in a rainforest ok) this is also new... only started it thursday

apply moisturiser

Once a week I'll do a 'facial'. I steam my face. I scrub my face and back, apply a mask (with sulphur) to my face and back, wash it off then go through my regular night time treatment.

Other things I do for my skin:

I drink a multivitam and mineral tablet, fish oil, and now zinc tablets. If I could find b5 i'd probably take that too.

I don't eat sugar or dairy and I eat very little oil

I try to always prepare low GI meals

I don't touch junk food

I drink more than 2L of water a day (but mostly because of global warming)

Trying to figure out a way to manage my stress and depression. Work is stressful but it's not something I can change at the moment. I blame the depression on the acne and the way people have always treated me because of it.


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