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Day 76 Accutane 80Mg



So I figured I would give an update on my progress thus far. So last week I started using st.ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash and all I can say is WOW! My chest/back are horrendous and get dried out big time which is what I need but something about this body wash is really helping me see results. I don't know if it's the wash or the fact the accutane is finally working there but I feel better using the wash and over the last week my back has felt a lot better. A week ago it got really bad and I could hardly move but this wash keeps me moisturized and I feel like it helps me heal smoother and faster. Parts of my back have evened out and are smooth, yet it's still really bad but when you're in my position the slightest differences/feel mean a great deal. Areas where I had it the worst (the middle of my back and shoulder blades) have begun to get better and I'm no longer in a great deal of pain. As far as my face it has also gotten a lot better. Breakouts hardly happen and when they do its one or 2 big ones that dry out pretty fast. I am graduating college Monday so I have been diligent about trying to stay clear and manage my face. I'm not nearly as red as I usually am and although I am getting dry I am able to moisturize well with the cetaphil/aveeno ultra calming lotions which I mix and they work really well! Overall, I feel as though I'm finally starting to see consistent results these last weeks and it just seems my skin is calmer than usual and not so explosive with cysts. I still have 2 months left so I'm almost exactly half way through and I'm hoping I follow the general trend and begin REALLY clearing up soon. Small progress is all I can ask for at this point and I've learned to stay patient. Finally starting to feel better and hopefully I will be able to go on past my initial 5 months if I am not clear by then and luckily my derm said he would do so if needed. Keep your head up everyone I'm here with you and we will get through this!

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