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So I picked the near-corner-of-mouth spot...it was hurting quite a lot and needed to relieve some of the pressure, I then looked at the rest of my skin and avoided picking the ominous bump above my eyebrow but apparently couldn't resist a little comedone that was jutting out of my forehead. 2 spots...I can deal with that - not great but not a disaster. Also luckily I think the comedone was ready because the dot left behind is so tiny that I haven't even bothered with concealer.

However after picking the one near my mouth it still hurts a bit :( but nothing a bit of neosporin can't fix, it's not particularly big so it's not bothering me too much. Another small whitehead had formed quite close to it this morning which I've just picked, I thought it would just be a whitehead but a little root came out too so hopefully it will be as unnoticeable as the forehead dot.

The remaining bump from the unicorn-like horn I had last week is still fading, the dead skin flaked off this morning and the pain is slowly going away so that area of skin is starting to look normal again, yay! I'm so pleased because I'm busy all through until Monday so I'm glad I don't have much that's waiting to heal. If I do breakout a bit I'll be able to stop myself from picking mainly because I won't have much time!

I am a tad anxious about a closed comedone on my forehead though...it is kind of two in one which is making it more raised than a normal one. The fact there's two pores is making me refrain so far but I'm nervous that it will get inflamed over the weekend and with an obvious pore I'm going to have to pick it, but will the uninflamed pore 0.5mm away shoot out whilst picking the real culprit or is it just going to become inflamed too? Either way I have to stop thinking so far ahead and just deal with it when it comes to it and only pick when the pimple is good and ready!

It's definitely easier said than done though...it's like it's staring at me :| just have to resist temptation and keep reminding myself that a pimple that is picked when it's not inflamed is never ever worth it!... I may have to avoid all mirrors for the rest of the week!


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Hi Ellie,

I think you need amoxicillin and cephalexin. I think you should combine those with benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin gel aka benzaclin. Might benefit from a retinoid. I think picking is directly tied to excessive breakouts. Try to get your acne under control and when you and your dermatologist or physician, do that;the picking will stop.

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Hi, I can't take antibiotics as I've said before because they interfere with my birth control pill. I also used to be on antibiotics before bc and it made very little difference to my acne. I've found benzoyl peroxide effective in the past but I'm trying not to use it anymore because of the ageing/ bleaching effects.

For me personally my acne is quite mild so I don't feel like strong antibiotics/ topicals are really necessary, and even if my skin was 99% clear using these methods I'd still find that 1% to pick. It's more about breaking the habit, changing my perception of my skin and not being such a perfectionist!

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