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Week 1- Skincare Updates



So I'm not sure if it has officially been a week yet, but a few of you have been asking for an update so I will give it to you! I have made some edits to my skincare routine and they are as follows:

- I've switched my moisturizer to The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Moisturizer. I am also mixing a drop of lemon oil into the moisturizer prior to applying it to my face. This is to help with oil control and I've also heard it can be effective in fading acne scars potentially?

- I'm using baby wipes to pre-cleanse my face. This is mostly for make up removal, so I know that my skin is clean before I go to bed

So far I'm happy with my skin care routine, but I haven't noticed any major results yet. I'm happy with the routine though because I haven't had any adverse reactions to the products or anything like that. I definitely plan on keeping up with everything. I have notice though that I am still getting modest breakouts (maybe a few new pimples at a time at least a couple of times this past week, so nothing too bad). I think that part of this can be attributed to the fact that my skin has gone through the ringer over the past couple of months. Up until this past March I was using harsher products that contained BP, then my skin had a reaction to my old cleanser and I had to switch off of all acne products. Now I'm back on acne products so I think my skin is still adjusting to all the changes. Some of the product reviews for the overnight peel I'm using said that it caused breakouts, so this is something I'm monitoring for. It does contain vitamin c though, which I've found is actually helping heal my breakouts faster. But there aren't any ingredients in the peel that prevent breakouts, which I think s important to note.

I switched my moisturizer mostly because I wasn't happy with aveeno. I felt it was causing my face to be excessively oily. I'm using the tea tree moisturizer now, which I feel like it's helping in that area (especially with the lemon oil added to it). As for the BB cream I discussed in a previous post, I think it will be fine for the summer. I'm also still using it since it contains SPF and my moisturizer does not. I'm undecided though whether or not I'll repurchase it though.

As for the mattifying products, I've found the finishing spray works best if you still use a pressed powder over your foundation. That way it sets both, which means both will last longer. Yesterday I was able to wear my makeup from around 11:30-7 pm and I only had to blot a few times (it was humid out yesterday and I spent quite a bit of time walking outside, that's mostly why). I haven't really tried wearing my make up without the primer yet, so I'm not really sure still if it actually prevents oil production.


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this may seem like an obvious question but is there a reason you don't use prescription grade acne medications? Like benzaclin and Keflex a powerful antibiotic and retin-a..etc..I use only prescription treatments and I never breakout any more. I have not had a breakout for about ten months. My theory of acne treatment is called "constant pressure." I literally have acne fighters on my skin at all times and in my blood in the form of antibiotics at all times. I also use antibacterial face cleanser. It all works. I don't have acne anymore.

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I've tried prescription stuff and BP before and personally I never really had amazing results. I've also, like I mentioned above, have had bouts of really sensitive skin. Also, I wasn't really a fan of how the BP bleached anything that came in contact with my face.

I definitely used to have a philosophy like yours, but I personally feel like taking a more gentle approach is better for my skin. Also my acne really isn't very severe (I tried to describe my skin as accurately as possible since I'd prefer not to post pictures, but I may have made it sound like my acne is worse than it actually is. I really only have active breakouts on my chin, jawline, and cheeks right now. I just stopped to count and I maybe only have 7 or 8 pimples total. Definitely less than 10, and the majority of them are pretty small. The largest one is a cyst type zit on my jawline). It's actually not my biggest skin concern right now. I'm mostly trying to manage other issues like scarring and oil right now, but I do feel like it's important to keep using acne fighting products since I do still get acne. Hope this answered your question.

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Also congrats on find a method that works best for your skin! I'm sure it's a relief not having to explore and try out a myriad of products anymore.

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Joonbug...do whatever gives you piece of mind. I only urge you to take antibiotics because you can stop the scarring type acne from forming and it sounds like you have beautiful skin that you would like to protect. Looking back, I wish hadn't believed so much in herbal remedies that have not been subject to clinical trials as all drugs regulated by the Food and Drug Administration are. The antibiotic I take has been tested on people and has been proven to kill acne causing bacteria which is what we all need. If you have tried other antibiotics that is fine but none of them ever worked for me except amoxil and keflex. I don't want you to end up with lots of disfiguring scars. I promise you, if you try amoxil or keflex 500mg three times a day you can erase the cystic acne completely. Check out my blog, it has before and after pics. You may have to look back a month or so but they are there. And Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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