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I Hope This Is It!

Balance Bird


So, I love Tracy from The Love Vitamin blog. Been reading her posts for years! And she is finally cure! She describes it here

Her happy and clear! Watch her videos! They make you feel so happy! http://www.thelovevitamin.com/10707/complete-acne-freedom/

How she cleared it! http://www.thelovevitamin.com/6855/treat-female-hormonal-acne/

I'm so happy for her!

I just ordered some vitex, burdock, and milk thistle! I'm so excited!

You know what! I'm going to go to Tobago with my boyfriend clear! And if I'm not...well who the hell cares! I will not be as stressed, and if I slip up and eat something with gluten or sugar in it....then so be it! I hope this vitex and liver cleansers kick my body into shape!

I'm getting my HCL today, and will in-fact no for sure if I have low or normal stomach acid with the HCL test!

I spent so much of my college job savings on my acne, and I hope it's all worth it! I will finish out all my supplements!


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