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Fifth And Sixth Week



Okay just to clear things up, TECHNICALLY I am starting my seventh week on the pill [first pill; dark blue pills, second pack]. My entry titles are off because I think I was mid week when I said I was just starting. Also, I'm talking about the week that had just passed: so I'll be talking about my sixth week, however, I have just started my seventh week.

Briefly, I will talk about how my fifth week went. I got a new cyst under my bottom lip RIGHT next to the one that was going away [uuuggghhhhh], my jawline broke out, I got like two pimples on my left cheek; I was getting frustrated!

Now, I just ended my sixth week and it's definitely calmed down! The cyst under my bottom lip IS diminishing and hopefully I won't get another one and my jawline breakouts are clearing up. As of right now, I have two small pimples on the area between my nose and my upper lip, I have a small pimple on my chin, and I have a small, yet painful, cyst on the left side of my jaw. In total, like four blemishes. I am starting to worry about the scarring, but I guess I should worry about clearing up my face before I worry about the scarring.

As I approach the placebo pills, I'm getting nervous because those broke me out so much last month and my brother will be graduating high school that week and we'll be taking A LOT of pictures and I don't want to look that gross! I hear things start getting better by month 3 [third pack] so fingers crossed!!


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