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Day 2



Today is a good day! I woke up and my skin actually looked decent enough to go to the gym makeup-free. No new pimples and the 4 I had from my monthly breakout are going away. Obviously I know it's probably not the accutane kicking in yet. This is the point in my cycle where I clear up anyway. On top of that, the hair dresser cutting my hair told me I have beautiful hair, and the cashier at ulta asked me if I always use Mario Badescu products and said I "have really good skin." I guess I've become an expert on making my half pound of foundation appear natural.

No side effects at all yet, at 20mg a day I don't expect to be affected much this month. No dryness yet, no chapped lips.

That's about it, nothing else to write about today. Hope everyone else is having a great day too!


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