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Balance Bird


So, I'm really too lazy right now to write everything I've done, but i've done A LOT! since I was 14, I'm now 19. I have realized that products aren't always the best for skin, even if they are made for skin!

I only use castor oil in my hair now, cause I don't trust any hair product that is a leave in or even olive oil these days for skin or eating.

I stopped using YES products, which are supposed to be natural, but really leave my skin waxy and clog my pores up causing deep acne.

Constipation totes causes acne, and an awful cycle of toxins, inflammation and acne. Also, congested organs, liver and kidneys, so liver flushing works for some, but It's disgusting.

Not enough vitamins and minerals effect skin production and insulin production (I take chromium, magnesium, and green pastures fermented cod liver oil for this).

I make sure I drink a lot of water throughout the day and don't just guzzle water in huge amounts, unless upon waking or before bed to flush toxins.

I stopped taking any Walmart brand multivitamins with iodine or any b vitamins over 50 percent. I take a kid's gummy. I dunno why but Walmart fish oils are probs rancid and the concentration of vitamins just doesn't work for my body. I think b vitamins are really tricky and any dose over 20% daily value is iffy cause everyone's daily value and calorie intake is diff.

I just made an apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, garbanzo bean flower, and cinnamon scrub which smelled divine, and unclogged my pores from my awful YES to Carrots product which I just threw away, and smoothed my skin.

My keratosis pilaris has greatly improved since 8 days ago when I started the Cod Liver Oil, and the scrub was nice on it as-well. I have KP on the backs of my arms, thighs, and even my BUTT!

I eat paleo, but do eat soaked grains and legumes, I even soak brown rice. I really don't eat grains often at all though! I eat lots of salad, fish, fruit (limited), veggies, green smoothies, coconut curries. I'm gluten, dairy, soy, and basically corn free

I take very expensive high quality probiotics

I fell in love with my boyfriend in January, met him in the caribbean Island of Tobago, which is where i am from, and I am finally going to get to see him in 2 weeks! He and all his family have perfect skin. I don't want to be embarrassed around him. I've managed to get my skin kind-of controllable, especially when I first met him. We Skype everyday, and I just wanna feel like I deserve him!

I have a gallery of my skin and home to look like this again soon!

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So, I have been trying oxy powder for two nights...AND! NOTHING! I must be so seriously constipated! I know I am! And it makes me subconsciously stressed that I'm not pooping! I swear I just had to force to poop and sear I sa corn from like 5 weeks ago...

WTF! I drank so much water yesterday, maybe I didn't drink enough with my dosage. Will try and drink way more water and Vitamin C today with my dosage of 9 capsules tonight! My tummy is bloated, I feel sluggish, i'm not hungry, lost my appetite, this happens when i'm severely constipated. What is wrong with me!

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