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Drier Than A Camels Armpit



I'm thinking I'll have to dilute the BP. Its drying my skin quite a bit. And I have to be careful not to get it in the eye area! Super sensitive skin man! Not like I get bumps there. Any one using 5% BP got suggestions? Do you dilute it? I cant stand to grease my face up with any more moisturizer or jojoba oil! The skin mites on my face are starting to send letters of complaint about it.

I got a new pimple. Under my nostril in the war zone. That is where most of my break outs have been occurring as of late. Between my upper lip and nose. Frustrating as hell. Im not going to panic over one pimple though, my cheeks have not gotten any major bumps, which sometimes happens.

I do think one is starting to come up on my jaw line though and I can just feel the lump underneath forming. What the hell! Its already a small bump.

Le sigh. I guess it'll take some time and patience to see less and less zits coming up but to be honest I'm already liking what I see. :>



My opinion conflicts with the tenants of the Regimen. I never put any oil on my face. As for diluting your benzoyl peroxide, I know its tempting but after about 3 months, the dryness subsides. I know because I went through it with benzaclin. After the first three months your skin will adjust to the medication and it will work really well for smaller whiteheads. When I started benzaclin, my skin was so dry it would crack and it had weird dark lines all over my face. Then one day, while I was washing my face with antibacterial soap (very important) dead skin just started getting massaged off my face. It was a total exfoliation by fingertips. I had dead skin all over my hands. I rinsed it off and continued to rub at my skin while splashing water on my face and my skin came smooth and clear. (I also take oral antibiotic so that helps with the "clear")

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